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BC28 1st Tournament


The goal of this internal tournament is to create a fun and casual way to test our skills against each other and discover new skills and tanks.

Rules of engagement

  • 2vs2
  • Tier 6
  • Any tank
  • Modules allowed
  • Gold ammo allowed
  • Consumables allowed
  • 1 match per tournament round
  • Map selection per tournament round will be random and the same for all people
  • Each tournament round will last at maximum 1 week. In this week you have the time to arrange a date with you opponent and a judge (CO or XO).
  • You can be 10 minutes late, after that it is an automatic loss.
  • If both players are late a rematch will have to be arranged.
  • When there it is a draw and immediate rematch will be held.


The teams will join a team match created by the judge. He/she will join as a spectator to confirm the outcome. The teams can communicate on a separate Discord channel, no other people allowed.

The teams have one week to arrange a match. If all teams finished their matches the next tournament round starts immediately ad the teams have again one week to absolve their matches.

If during a match somebody experiences technical issues it is up to the judge to decide of the match was valid or a rematch is in order.

Severe misconduct will result in exclusion of the next tournament.

Tournament sign-up and status

Teams will have to sign-up here:


  • The Flying Dutchmen: Craefter and Talalash
  • An Idiot Debil : CaptainChili and Ancrath94
  • 1-877-LESSONS-4-KIDS : PixieAna And Sto
  • Flow and Studious : Pren and Bart
  • Slow and Furious : Birk and Schmargendorf
  • SPQR : Marius and Joey

Current tournament status

  • February 9, 2018: Sign-up started
  • February 18, 2018: Last day of sign-up
  • February 19, 2018: Tournament start

Round 1

Map: Unknown yet, more information will follow

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