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BC28 Arma Server and Teamspeak


In order for us to train, explore and work as a unit, BC28 is providing a dedicated BC28 and TeamSpeak server for clan usage. Both are needed for us to host games and run simulations, missions and training sessions.. The server hosts the the loaded scenario and should be more than capable of accepting up to 25 members and AI but I must stress we are testing this and we will undoubtedly run into a few issues along the way.


The goal for us would be to first and foremost have fun, works as a team, collaborate with what individuals want to do and build scenarios to help us achieve this. We have Raz onboard building complex scenarios for BC28 as we speak (which you can find details for - when available - here).

I would feel privileged to roll out in a BRAVO company unit on other MilSim servers (Like JRAS - details can be found here) and be a supporting role in achieveing mission objectives. Be it as a ground force, SF recon unit, armoured support or Sniper teams.

What you need to know

First and foremost apply to ARMA 3 Unit BC28, Once accepted you will have a unit show up on your launcher. Check under Server List and the BC28 Server should show up. But, before you can join you will need to install some MODS. A full list of MODs required to join the server can be found and downloaded via our BC28 Collection on the steam workshop, or you can find each MOD below:

Below is a brief summary of what each MOD does, the aim is to not go too MilSim at this stage however keep an eye on this page for updates!



ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along with many of the developers from Arma 2's ACE2 project.

Core Features

  • Completely new 3D Interaction/Action System
  • Performance and reliability framework
  • Focus on modularity and customization
  • New flexible client and server settings & configuration
  • Improved medical system with various levels (Basic/Advanced) focus on gameplay/realism
  • Proper & consistent network synced weather
  • Wind and Weather Advanced Ballistics
  • Captivity System
  • Explosives System including different trigger types
  • Map screen improvements, marker placement and map tools
  • Advanced missile guidance and laser designation

Additional Features

  • Carrying and dragging
  • Realistic names for vehicles and weapons
  • Realistic ballistics/FCS calculated in C/C++ extensions
  • Backblast and overpressure simulation
  • A fire control system for armored vehicles and helicopters
  • Disposable launchers
  • Realistic G-forces
  • Vehicle Locking
  • Name tags
  • Laserpointers
  • Realistic Night and Thermal vision modes
  • Magazine repacking
  • Realistic weapon heating
  • Combat deafness simulation
  • Improved Ragdoll Physics
  • Improved interactions for AARs and ammo bearers
  • Adjustable sniper scopes
  • No Idle Animation with lowered weapon
  • No talking player Avatar
  • Jumping over obstacles, climbing over walls and cutting down fences
  • Vector, MicroDAGR, Kestrel and ATrag devices

… and much more

Task Force Radio


War is not only about moving, waiting and engaging targets. It is also about communication. Task Force Arrowhead Radio provides a way to dramatically increase gameplay realism and atmosphere by seamless integration with TeamSpeak. More than 50.000 subscriptions only at Steam, hundreds of servers - enjoy!

TFAR gives your a way to communicate using your direct voice or 14 different radios (including rifleman, personal, longange, airborne and underwater radios).

Some features:

  • Radio and direct speech (3D)
  • Voice volume
  • 3 rifleman, 3 personal, 4 manpacks, 3 airborne radios
  • Multiband radios
  • Full Zeus support
  • Speakers on radios
  • Manpack models
  • Day and night interfaces
  • Underwater speech and radio communications
  • Signal interference depending on distance and ground surface
  • Vehicles sound occlusion
  • Radio volume
  • Spectator mode
  • PvP and PvE modes
  • Ability to pick up radios from killed enemies
  • Encryption codes for radios
  • Stereo channels for radio
  • API



What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:

  • Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
  • Aims to have community wide acceptance and to be used as much as possible by community addons to maintain compatibility.
  • The community is very much encouraged to request or submit functionality.
  • The most obvious example would be to submit functions to be included in the CBA function library.

Shacktac UI


ShackTac User Interface (STUI), contains enhancements to the UI for Arma 3.

This modset includes the following elements:

  • ShackTac Fireteam HUD
  • ShackTac Group Indicators
  • ShackTac Name Tags
  • ShackTac Stamina Bar
  • ShackTac Map Autobrightness



To have full functionality of the task force radio mod, we have to use TeamSpeak. You can download TeamSpeak FOC by following the link below:

TeamSpeak Downloads

Once installed you will need to do the following manual install to get the task force radio plugin to work:

Locate the @task_force_radio mod location, default location in !Workshop folder (it’s a hidden folder) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@task_force_radio Inside the @task_force_radio mod will be a teamspeak folder with 2 installers, run both of them to install the needed TS plugins that enables the TFR mod to function with Arma 3.

Restart TS if needed

To connect to the BC28 Server, select 'CONNECT' and put the following address into the address window:

This will then connect you to the BC28 server and connect to the game.

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