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Clan Principles

This is our quick reference guide to life in BC28 WoT clan.


A clan to play together with, find buddies to platoon with and develop. We expect honesty, inclusion, and comradeship for all. No illegal mods.

All officers are there to help, but the clan aims to assign an officer mentor to all new members and keep players involved that way. Do you know who yours is?


We expect that you take the games seriously enough to want to win as a team, but we all want to enjoy getting the win.

The Yesses -

  • Platoons,
  • skirmishes - 10 games min per month,
  • clan wars (eventually).

The Nos -

  • No bullying.
  • No raging.
  • Minimal bad language.
  • No “r ape” jokes - it's not funny.
  • Nothing is funny about racism, genocide, holocausts or similar subjects.
  • No showboating in skirmishes - it's a team game, individual performance doesn't matter.

Clan organisation

Clan commander, XOs, Personnel/Combat/Recruitment/Junior officers are all there to help you through the game, both technically and “spiritually” Get in touch if there's anything on your mind.

While it is not expected that the Commander, XO and Personnel positions will change often, clan officer posts are generally open to anyone who's interested and who shows aptitude for developing the clan. Officers generally discuss things openly and honestly as required - but do be aware that from time to time the Executive Group (PO, XO, Commander) will meet privately.

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