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Clan skirmishes

The why

We promote the clan skirmishes as a way to play together as a clan in groups larger than the usual 3-man platoon. It is a social activity where we get together and have a fun evening. While doing it we earn money and crates and especially the crates are an import resource to improve our base which in return can give us money or XP bonuses.

The history

In the short amount of time BC28 has existed we have seen a very large incentive to join in skirmishes and that makes us very proud. The participation, the rotation, inclusion and self-organizing is impressive and more than we could have hoped for.

Organized skirmishes

We always planned to have organized skirmishes, specific dates and times where we could focus our skirmish efforts to maximize the limited resources we have in a small clan. But the clan grew so fast in size and participation that it seemed that organized skirmishes were not necessary. But they are…

Setting specific times and dates for skirmishes opens up room for other activities in the clan. In other words, skirmishes are so successful that we have to limit it's influence on day-to-day activities so people know when they can join a fixed skirmish and can do other stuff at other days without feeling bad because they didn't join a random skirmish. (And yes, there is loads of other stuff we can do in BC28, grinding, training, internal tournaments, reenactments, platooning or just doing stuff solo)

So we have come up with the following:

People should expect 3 different types of skirmishes:

  • Casual skirmishes
  • Structured skirmishes
  • Random skirmishes

Casual skirmishes

Just join up with any of the recommended tanks and off you go. They have a fixed time and date, have a commander who is leading that evening. Players can rotate with other players in the buffer queue, try out different tanks and generally make the most fun out of it. Winning is nice but not a primary objective. This mode can include legionnaires to fill up empty spaces.

Structured skirmishes

Like the casual skirmishes they have a fixed time and date and a fixed commander for that evening. Here the focus will be to get better and develop tactics. We will analyze performance and adapt as necessary. To minimize randomness on our part more will be asked from the players who join in. This would be interface and tanks with which the group is working at the moment. Main focus is fun and getting better at skirmishes. This mode will not include legionnaires because they are not included in our tactics/communications.

Random skirmishes

We will not restrict any random spontaneous skirmishes set up by clan members. Clan members can and will probably set up random skirmishes. It should be clear that you don't have to join these if you have other things to do or just can't be bothered. It is also expected that this gets respected by the skirmish creators. The commander can in fact be anybody. Random skirmishes are a good place to learn your first commanding skills and any effort here will be noted by the officers. Legionnaires can be an option here.

Skirmish Etiquette

How to behave has already been stated in the clan handbook - additionally no bragging during the games.

Current schedule

Future plans

Currently we'll evaluate what the response is and what works and what doesn't. If there are a lot of skirmish attendants then maybe we'll set up a second group at the same time with another commander. But like I said, everything is open and we are responding to feedback.

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