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Community Rules

The BC28 community doesn’t have a long set of rules. Most of them are very obvious, we think. Those rules apply to all community members.

All games/team/clans/… run under BC28 banner, will adhere to those rules as a minimum.

  1. Be mature and uphold the highest caliber of conduct both in and outside of community functions.
  2. Don’t forget that we are here to play games. Have fun, don’t take it too serious.
  3. You are required to set up a free Discord account to be part of this community. Both listening and speaking are required.
  4. Candidates should be at least 16 years old to join the community.
  5. No poaching for other clans/communities is allowed and will result in immediate removal from the community.
  6. For certain activities or certain games, there may be additional rules or requirements, those are listed in the respective sections.
  7. Repeatedly breaking or ignoring those rules will get you demoted or expelled from the community.
  8. Decisions are taken by the mods of the community.
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