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Discord is used for all clan communications, aside from this wiki. Discord is a free application and can be downloaded here: After installation, please reach out to a BC28 mod for connection information. After connecting, follow the instructions in the welcome channel.


To install Discord, please follow the next simple steps:

  1. Point your browser to:
  2. Download the software: Discord download
  3. Run the application and if you don't have an account yet, create it: Register a discord account
  4. After logging in, connect to a new server: Connect to server
  5. Join a server: Join discord server
  6. Now enter our server address and hit join: Enter address
  7. You are in! Now follow the instructions in the welcome channel and say hi!


The server is administered by the moderators, short “mods”. They are able to add/edit/remove channels, both voice and text. Additionally, they can add/edit/remove roles, which are used to give rights to the users.


Roles give users certain access to the server. Currently, the server has the next roles configured:

  • @everyone - all users on the server
  • BC28 - BC28 members
  • BC28-Inactive - Inactive BC28 members
  • BC28-Friend - Friends of BC28, invited for voice chat but not “part of” bc28 (yet)
  • GRW - Ghost Recon Wildlands players
  • Superadmin - Server Owner
  • TD - The Division players
  • TT_BOT_TT - Bot role
  • Veteran - Long-term, active BC28 members
  • WOT - World of Tanks players
  • WOT-Officer - Users with World of Tanks clan Officer status

Self-Assigned Roles

Next roles can be self-assigned:

  • GRW
  • TD
  • WOT

The user will need to go to the bot_commands channel and enter .iam [ROLE], for example: .iam [WOT]. Using this command will self-assign the role, which gives access to various Role-related channels. Further, it is possible to mention those roles, which is especially useful in the LFG channel, where you can use it like this: LFG @[ROLE], for example: LFG @WOT. All members in the WOT role when then be notified of your message.

Should a user wish to drop a role, please use .iamn [ROLE].

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