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Welcome to everything you need to know about all things JRAS (EU).

First, please read the following statement from their rules of engagement:


  1. NO SHOOTING in base/respawn area, no intentional team killing.
  2. NO lone wolfing, this is a co-op server.
  3. Role-play is encouraged to increase immersion.
  4. Commanders and Teamleads orders are to be followed at all times.
  5. Teamleads may be critized AFTER the mission if you are going to be the next teamleader.
  6. No f@#kery when in mission or during briefings/debriefing
  7. ENGLISH only, text and voice.
  8. No vulgar, offensive, racist, sexist or inappropriate gamertags or alias, you will only be asked once to change it.

With that out of the way if you would like to join the guys over there for some MilSim action, future conflicts, training and generally blowing stuff up, there is a number of things you need to get in place prior to joining one of there missions.

Firstly, visit the following page:

Steam link

if you scroll down to 'Items' there are 6 items you need to add to your steam directory. The whole pack is around 1.3GB

Secondly, there is a TS channel:

Paste it in the server address then click connect, then you will be in the drop in zone ready to be picked up by someone.

Lastly, there is the connection details for the server:

Direct Connect.

Server IP type -

Port number - 2302

We hope that JRAS will be a great place for BC28 members to go and get their 'ArmA3' fix, they are very active and we can learn alot from them, I please ask that if you want to get involved in the JRAS unit please be respectful and show the very BEST traits from BC28.

Below is the JRAS MOD Installation Guide:

JRAS – Joint Recon Assault Squad

Mod installation guideline…

  • Subscribe to all the mods in the steam mod collection…
  • Once downloaded locate the @task_force_radio mod location, default location in !Workshop folder (it’s a hidden folder)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@task_force_radio

  • Inside the @task_force_radio mod will be a teamspeak folder with 2 installers, run both of them to install the needed TS plugins that enables the TFR mod to function with Arma 3.

  • Restart TS if needed
  • Lastly open TS and enable your TFR addon in Tools > Options > addons.

Please note: you will need the exact mods in the JRAS mod collection otherwise the server will kick you automatically Please join the server early so if there are any problems we will have time to sort it out For the TFR mod to work you must be on teamspeak … Once in the ts a tag will be giving that will allow you to move around

For anyone interested in running the Lythium Map with the guys over at JRAS here is the info and mods you will need:

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