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Year of birth : 1996

Country of origin : France NORTH KOREA

Joined WOT on : May 2013

Date joined the clan : 12 July 2017

Favorite tanks : Hellcat/M46 Patton/M48A5 Patton/M26 Scorpion/M4A3E2

Job : Student

Gender : Male


I joined WOT in 2013 right after a friend of mine from the football team told me about this game. I was a total noob. I wanted a tier X tank. I launched games in my Hellcat, just ran forward and got killed. I grinded up to T25/2 by doing that. I earned 3 marks of excellence on Hellcat, just 3 years later, I also reached the 100% ! Nice progress eh ?

I first joined clan [LBAT] where I learned the basics of battling to win and I became a 2nd commander. I left the clan after 2 years because I was flamed by the leader for spamming the clan members with team battles and skirmishes invites… That was a nice way to thank me for making his clan active.

Many members of the clan followed me and we created the clan [BAJA]. Very nice experience there. I left it after 1 year because I didn't feel comfortable as a clan leader anymore and I wanted a more modern clan using Discord instead of Teamspeak. But this clan is where I became a good player.

I joined Arab clan [AL1EN] which was a top 100 clan, I've had great times there but I left it after 2 months because there was an one month break during the Aid and I couldn't find platoon and skirmish mates anymore…

During 2017 summer, I farmed 40.000.000 credits driving a T34 tank. I'm still spending it by shooting gold shells, buying tanks, equipment…

Then I discovered [BC28] and I like it, it seems like there are no crisis here and the supreme leader of the clan knows how to lead without annoying his players too much.


In real life, I'm an student in human science, history and english civilization/language, since 2015

I am a football player in a little team

I could read a text and understand it at 2 years old

I hate tier VIII because of Defender and Patriot tanks

I don't watch series

I often shoot gold shells on light-armored targets (and I will die with a cancer)

I was a main actor once in a 10-minute movie

I am obsessed with my tanks view range

I love listening to album “Never Mind The Bollocks” of Sex Pistols and GTA SA soundtrack

Sometimes I am drunk while playing skirmishes

I am a procrastinator

Despite my good level I hate leading skirmishes

I refered my ex-gf to the friend then earned T95E2 tier VIII medium tank

Secretly I'm a troll

I might say that I hate arty and wish it's players to get EBOLA but I used to play it a lot before

I suck at FPS games

I am banned from the WOT official forums

My current crush has a boyfriend

I miss the good old troll platoons, Tier II along with Tier X

I like using cheat programs on San Andreas Multiplayer

My network is 300 ko/s so I rarely download new games and hate updates

My first video game was Gran Turismo 2

Foch 155 is better than Foch B

I don't like to talk so much while platooning, I prefer listening to music

I've already won a tier VI tournament driving a Chi-To and earned 1200 golds

I don't use mods since 2016

I've refused to join BC28 once

I used to be a great recruiter when playing in french clans

I once done 9 kills and got Kolobanov medal with AMX 40 tank

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