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BC28 Tank Selection Guide

for Tier 6* competitive play - i.e. Skirmishes, Clan wars, Battles for Stronghold etc)

(*Tier 8 to follow, but for the time being, consider the IS3 to be a good solid target if you are grinding a line)

Experience shows that tank selection is important for the following reasons:

Wolfpacking wins. It's an important playstyle, and develops teamwork and focus fire. But it is vital to realise that the speed of 7 players needs to be consistent. A strung-out pack will be systematically isolated and destroyed. A close-knit pack stands a better chance to kill enemies first. A successful team helps with morale and enjoyment of the skirmish game-mode.

Even a heavy setup which some commanders may prefer from time to time will need at least 2 mobile tanks for scouting and vision.

Our clan recommendations are designed to allow the combat officer to generate an effective wolfpack, so the strongly preferred situation is for all clan members playing Tier 6 to have access to one at least of the following tanks…

First preferences:

  • Cromwell UK Med;
  • T37 USA LT;

Note the Cromwell B - Premium (and rare, only occasionally on sale) version of the tech-tree Cromwell. Added XP and silver per game, only cosmetically different, really. If you're considering a premium tank, this one works well. Will help you make money at skirmishing, but don't feel you have to buy it.

Second preferences:

  • MT25 USSR LT;
  • Type 64 (PREMIUM) Chi LT;
  • 59-16 Chi LT;
  • A43 USSR Med (similar crom).

Having one of the above will mean you can effectively support your teammates in a wolfpack and/or provide scout support to a heavy setup when requested.

More useful in heavier setups which a commander may favour from time to time are the following tanks. These tanks should be available to players who already have one tank from the first or second prefence list.

  • KV-85 USSR HT;
  • T150 USSR HT;
  • T-34-85 USSR Med; (also Rudy)
  • M4A3E8 US Med; (Also Fury)
  • Hellcat US TD;

We ask that you make some of your tank-grinding effort count towards having a vehicle available from the first or second preference list.

Contact any of the clan seniors for further information regarding tanks.

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