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BC28 Tank Selection Guide

For Tier VIII (8) Skirmishes, Clan Wars

The Tanks that are italic and bold are the preferred tanks for the Tier 8 skirmish nights!

First preferences:

Heavy Tanks

Regular Tanks

  • IS-3 USSR Heavy Tank
  • Caernarvon UK Heavy Tank
  • VK100.01P German Heavy Tank
  • 110 Chinese Heavy Tank

Premium Tanks

  • Defender / Object 252U USSR Heavy Tank
  • T26E5 (Patriot) USA Heavy Tank
  • Chrysler K GF USA Heavy Tank
  • Löwe German Heavy Tank
  • AMX M4 49 L French Heavy Tank

Niche Tanks

These tanks can be awesome, but only on certain maps and certain situations

  • T32 USA Heavy Tank
  • T34 USA Heavy Tank (Premium)
  • AMX 50-100 French Heavy Tank

Medium Tanks

Regular Tanks

  • Object 416 USSR Medium Tank
  • Pershing USA Medium Tank
  • Centurion I UK Medium Tank

Premium Tanks

  • Lorraine 40 t French Medium Tank
  • FV4202 UK Medium Tank

Light Tanks

Regular Tanks

  • WZ 132 Chinese Light Tank
  • LTTB USSR Light Tank

Premium Tanks

  • M41 90mm GF German Light Tank

Tank Destroyers

Regular Tanks

  • T28 Prototype USA Tank Destroyer
  • ISU-152 USSR Tank Destroyer
  • Ferdinand German Tank Destroyer
  • WZ-111-1 FT Chinese Tank Destroyer
  • Charioteer UK Tank Destroyer

Premium Tanks

  • Rhm Skorpion G German Tank Destroyer
  • AMX CDA 105 French Tank Destroyer

Self Propelled Guns

Regular SPG's

  • G.W. Tiger P German Self Propelled Gun
  • M40/43 USA Self Propelled Gun
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