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Useful Hints and Tips BEFORE joining a MilSim Server

Ok so first things first this is NOT a comprehensive list of do's and dont's before jumping into a MilSim server, this is my own list of things I do before leaving the joining or leaving the FOB.

In no particular order:

Enhanced Movement

So, a lot of MilSim servers will need you to have this mod, its VERY good I recommend it, it can be found below (Click on pic):

Once you have subscribed it will auto download and drop into your mods page on your launcher, now load that mod and start the game, jump into the VR zone or a single player game and now when you hit ESC you will see on the right an new window showing the following:

Now follow the video below and select a key of your preference (I use ` as the windows key I find more awkward I will maybe change this in the future)

TFR - Task Force Radio

So this is a MOD that is detailed in the JRAS page found here JRAS – Joint Recon Assault Squad it is quite simple to set up and once set up your audio will be transformed, you will only be able to hear people close to you, and to hear people in your squad at distance you will need to use the radio.

To get the radio to come up you press CTRL+P and that brings up your radio (if you have one in your backpack) there are many different radios however they typically work the same from what I have see so far. below is a screen shot:

Typical channels for comms:

Platoon Commander and Team Leaders CH - 50

Alpha Ch - 51

Bravo Ch - 52

Charlie Ch - 53

Delta Ch - 54

To assign a channel to your radio, with the mouse button select the numbers on the display of the radio and type in the channel you want, then press ENT on the radio button, What I do is when I spawn in the FOB and I know I have been assigned to Bravo and there are other team members already in the FOB I will change my radio channel to 52 and with the default radio press to talk button of CAPS LOCK I say “comms check 5 2” an wait for “copy on 52”.

Typical comms chatter

Clear, concise communication is key when using the radio.

What did you see? Was it an enemy patrol, tank, or a little old lady out for a stroll? Say it in as few words as possible while being very clear.

Examples: “Infantry”, “Enemy patrol”, “APC”, “machinegun nest”. So for example:

Contact, 320, enemy squad in the open, 400 meters

This is saying to the Team Leader that you have seen a possible contact, at bearing 320 degrees from your location, its an enemy patrol in the open and the patrol is around 400m out. Once the Team Leader hears the contact report, he will give an engagement command if necessary. Universal Rules of Engagement rules apply here - if it's a dire threat, you can engage without being specifically told to. If it's not a dire threat, or you're operating in explicit stealth mode, wait for orders before engaging.

Grenades and Smoke

Before leaving the FOB I also set my grenades to white smoke by pressing the CTRL+G button until in the top right I see that White smoke grenade is selected. That way when we get into contact and we need to fall back the first thing thats selected is white smoke, This typically is the first grenade that is thrown with a few exceptions.

Self and Team interactions

Get familiar with this as it is a well used action in ArmA when using ACE. If you have never tried ACE then click on the link below:

Once you have subscribed it will auto download and drop into your mods page on your launcher, now load that mod and start the game, jump into the VR zone or a single player game and now when you hit the CTRL+WINDOWS key you will see in front of you the following:

This is your self interaction, from there you can carry out self heal, insert earplugs, equip certain items of gear, use gestures if going silent (as with TFR and advance audio the enemy can hear you and will investigate if heard)

The to interact with others your simply move close enough and press the WINDOWS key, you then have the following options:

You can then pass equipment, apply first aid and stabilise if required, tap on shoulder (again if mounting up on a door ready to breech you can tap on shoulder to say your ready) and many other actions.

Get familiar with these as they are very important to how you perform on mission and should become second nature.

Voice level

You can change your voice level in game by pressing CTRL+TAB this changes from “normal” to “yelling” to “whisper” in that order. Default is normal.

To Be added….

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