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Welcome to the BC28 World of Warships Clan Handbook

Clan Motto

“BC28 is not an clan of professional players, and is not striving to be one. BC28is much more about community, camaraderie and coaching. The target is to onboard new recruits of various skill levels and to help them improve their gameplay. With active mentoring of those recruits we help them reach higher levels of skill. Eventually, members may leave for higher ranked clans, which is perfectly fine - when that happens, we know we have done our job. In the future, those ex-members may return to run some training sessions, lead some skirmishes or support in other ways, showing us what they have learned in their other clans. This in turn will help to increase our skill, and will result in better training of our recruits.” - Talalash, March 28, 2017

Clan History

  • Bravo Company 28 was founded at March 4, 2017
  • Founding members were: Craefter, LexROCK6, Prenderb, Talalash, Trooper73

Clan Rules

The clan doesn’t have a long set of rules. Most of them are very obvious, we think. Those rules apply to all clan members.

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