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My name is Bart and as you can see from the flag above (No it's not French) I am Dutch! I currently am 22 years old.

I joined WoT in 2011 when i discovered this gem through facebook? I guess it's good for something then. My playstyle over those years has been a rush and die kind of style. Not the best one, I can say that out of experience…

I've played WoT on and off for 5 to 6 years untill i stumbled upon this clan. And now you can find me online almost everyday. Ready to awnser all of your questions as good as i possibly can!

The thing I personally like about [BC28] is that it's an active en very social clan, which helps me get rid of my social anxiety. Talking to people i don't know and laugh with is a huge thing for me. So I hope I'll be able to talk to all of you in a short matter of time :)

I'll also post some random facts about me (I stole this from mariusjeanmaurice, so check his random facts as well!)

- The first game I've ever played was Mario on DOS

- I am in love with my Cromwell

- I'm into World War I/II History

- I've never seen the Star War movies (Pls don't hate me)

- Someone (Mostly Talalash) always has to remind me to activate automatic resupply!

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